Autologous breast augmentation in Zug

Breasts are often considered a symbol of beauty and femininity. Some women are uncomfortable in their own skin because their natural breasts are comparatively small, asymmetrical, or have a tendency to droop. Cosmetic medicine offers several different methods of helping such women obtain aesthetically pleasing breast augmentation. 

Breast implants are the most common and well-known method of breast enlargement. In addition to these, my clinic in Zug also offers autologous breast augmentation, also known as fat grafting. After harvesting the patient’s own fat using liposuction, I inject it into her breasts in order to sculpt them naturally. Combining fat grafting with breast implants is not only possible, but often preferable—I have had exceptionally successful results with that method, as it allows us to create a particularly smooth, soft transition from the implant to the natural breast tissue.

In our personal consultation session, I will work with you to determine which method will be most appropriate for your individual goals. If you prefer breast enlargement without any “foreign bodies” (implants), autologous breast augmentation is a suitable alternative.

Characteristics and benefits

What makes lipofilling unique?

Lipofilling, or lipomodeling, is one of my absolute favorite procedures. For one, it offers a wide variety of options in terms of aesthetically attractive sculpting; for another, the impressive results it provides are reflected in the extremely high satisfaction rate among my patients. Other arguments in favor of lipofilling include high biocompatibility and low risk of complications, because we are reshaping the body using its own material—which often means removing one problem area (such as saddlebags) in order to add naturally beautiful volume to the chest. Patients who experience capsular fibrosis after breast implant surgery can also treat the condition by having the implants removed and using autologous breast enlargement instead.

The past several years have seen a great deal of scientific advancement in this field. I work in close cooperation with renowned colleagues and research groups on the subject of lipofilling, and have modified my own methods again and again to achieve progressively better results. I would be happy to advise you on the topic in more detail.


Autologous breast augmentation in Switzerland at a glance

  • Procedure

    Surgical, in-patient (1-2 days)

  • Duration of surgery

    2-3 hours

  • Anesthesia

    General anesthesia

  • Rest and recovery

    Around 2-4 weeks

  • Return to work

    After around 2 weeks (depending on type of work)

  • Follow-up care

    Compression clothing and special bra for around 6 weeks

  • Risks

    Swelling, redness, bruising, wound healing issues (rare)


How autologous breast augmentation works

We start with a thorough consultation at my clinic in Zug, so that I can explain the various breast surgery options and the advantages of autologous fat grafting. If you and I decide that autologous breast augmentation is the best choice, I will explain the operation itself, pre- and post-operative care, and any potential risks involved. Naturally, I will also take time to answer whatever questions you have.

Autologous breast augmentation is a two-step process. First, I use liposuction to harvest the fat cells we will need. Suitable donor areas usually include the stomach, the hips, the buttocks, or the thighs. After marking the area, I will make several tiny incisions into your skin so that I can insert a fine cannula into the tissue. This cannula will then be used to suction fat cells out of your body. After harvesting, the autologous fat undergoes several stages of processing. Finally, I will inject the autologous fat into your breasts. 

The whole procedure usually takes between two and three hours from start to finish; the exact duration depends on how much fat is being transplanted. Since autologous breast augmentation is done under general anesthesia, patients remain at the clinic for another day or two for monitoring.


The benefits of autologous breast augmentation

  • Uses the body’s own material (fat) instead of foreign bodies (implants)
  • Especially natural results (look and feel)
  • Practically no risk of allergies or rejection reactions
  • No incisions in the chest area
  • No scarring on the breasts
  • No risk of capsular fibrosis
  • Allows simultaneous contouring of other areas using liposuction (e.g., stomach, hips, thighs)

Post-operative care and results

Once injected, the fat cells heal into the surrounding breast tissue. Note that not every grafted cell will take in the new location; some of the fat will break down naturally within the body. As such, we occasionally advise a second round of lipofilling to yield the most natural-looking results. In our experience, however, around 60 to 80 percent of the transplanted fat will take, which is usually enough to achieve the desired degree of breast enlargement. 

The most important thing for patients to do immediately after the procedure is rest. You will be able to return to your regular work routine after a week or two, depending on how much physical activity your job requires, but heavy exertion and sports should be avoided for four to six weeks. Some patients also need to wear compression clothing in the areas where the fat cells were harvested.

The final results of your autologous breast augmentation will be visible after around three months, once the swelling has subsided and the grafted fat has fully integrated into the breast tissue.


Are there any risks involved in this method?

Surgeries are always associated with some risk of complications. The liposuction step of the procedure can cause minor bruising, for example; in rare cases, patients may experience wound healing issues or inflammation. Complications rarely occur on the breasts themselves. They may be temporarily red or swollen, but those symptoms usually do not last for more than a few weeks. Some patients report feeling muscle cramp-like pain around where the fat was harvested, but this is only temporary as well.


More information and frequently asked questions on autologous breast augmentation in Zug

  • When is autologous breast augmentation a good choice?

    This procedure is excellent for adjusting breast shape and adding volume. It is most suitable for women seeking a moderate amount of breast enlargement, but it is not just for small breasts—slight asymmetry can be corrected beautifully with this method as well.

  • Is this method a full-fledged alternative to breast implants?

    The fat-grafting method is considered a natural alternative to breast implants, suitable for adding one-half to one full cup size; women seeking additional volume will require two sessions, and may also wish to consider getting implants.

  • How much does autologous breast augmentation cost?

    The cost of the procedure depends on the selected method and the scope of the operation, so I can only provide a cost estimate after your personal consultation and examination. My patients receive a breakdown of expenses and a recovery plan along with their treatment plan.

  • Can autologous fat grafting be used in any other procedures?

    Yes! Autologous fat is used in a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures to correct volume deficits and create an anti-aging effect, including:

    • Wrinkle filling

    • Adding volume to the face (e.g., cheeks, chin)

    • Lip augmentation