Forehead lifts and brow lifts in Zug

Skin and tissue aging is a completely natural process that unfolds differently from person to person. Over time, the skin loses tone and elasticity, which can result in the eyebrows sinking; the forehead can develop both mimic wrinkles and gravity wrinkles, both of which can leave the entire face looking tired and haggard.

My plastic surgery clinic in Zug offers both surgical and minimally invasive methods of helping give you a more youthful and vibrant appearance. The overall impression a face creates is the sum total of numerous individual features, which is why I analyze each area precisely and coordinate individual treatments to one another. It is also very important to me that we preserve your face’s unique character.

To ensure that we are successful in that regard, I will take plenty of time to discuss your expectations and goals and incorporate them into a concept tailored specifically to you. In some cases, your ideal results may come from combining forehead lifting with other procedures, such as hyaluronic acid wrinkle treatment, Botox®, thread lifts, or lipofilling (wrinkle filling with autologous fat).


Forehead lifts and brow lifts in Switzerland at a glance

  • Procedure

    Surgical, inpatient (1 day) or outpatient

  • Duration of surgery

    90 minutes to 2 hours

  • Anesthesia

    General anesthesia

  • Rest and recovery

    1-2 weeks

  • Return to work

    After 1-2 weeks

  • Follow-up care

    Regular checkup appointments, scar care

  • Risks

    Swelling, redness, bruising, changes in sensation


When are forehead lifts a sensible option?

Forehead lifts are “partial” lifts focused on the upper third of the face. The goal of the procedure is to reverse age-related changes like wrinkles and sunken areas by tightening and rejuvenating the forehead and eye areas. These changes occur due to decreasing levels of structural proteins like hyaluronic acid and collagen—a process that begins as early as our mid-twenties, with the effects becoming progressively more evident after the age of about thirty. Repeated facial muscle movements (expressions) can also create dynamic wrinkles, for example the ones that become visible when we raise our eyebrows. Forehead lifts are an effective method of minimizing brow wrinkles and giving the eye area a more open, friendly appearance.


What to expect during forehead and brow lifts

On the day of your operation, we will start by going over the forehead lift process one more time. Provided there are no contraindications, the anesthesiologist will begin administering anesthesia. Most forehead lifts are done under general anesthesia, though less extensive procedures may only require local anesthesia with twilight anesthesia. Naturally, I will explain these considerations to you thoroughly in advance.

I will start by making several small incisions in your scalp, above your hairline, so that any scarring will be essentially invisible. I will then remove the excess skin precisely in order to smooth your forehead and lift your brows slightly. Forehead lifts generally take about two hours from start to finish.

For a brow lift alone, the desired lifting effect can usually be achieved with minimally invasive methods. We can lift the brows using special threads (“thread lifts”) or targeted Botox® injections. Minimally invasive brow lifts usually take an hour to ninety minutes, and are performed under local anesthesia.

Follow-up care

What should I keep in mind after undergoing a brow lift?

Your face may be swollen and red immediately after your operation; slight bruising is possible as well. Make sure to take it easy for the first few days and avoid physical exertion; you can return to work after about a week, though longer may be advisable if your work involves a great deal of physical activity. A soft bandage will be applied to protect the treated areas.

Regular cooling can help reduce post-operative swelling more quickly; you will also want to sleep with your head propped up slightly in order to prevent additional swelling. It is especially important that you protect your forehead from direct sunlight so that the scars can heal quickly and without darkening. Avoid sports or strenuous physical activity for around three weeks.


What risks do forehead lifts carry?

Besides swelling, redness, and bruising, some people experience temporary tightness or numbness in the treated area. In our experience, these symptoms subside within a few weeks. Though the risk of complications like bleeding, wound healing disorders, or scarring can never be completely ruled out on surgical procedures, it is minimal in the hands of an experienced expert. As a plastic surgery specialist, I take great pains to preserve the features that make your face unique and that you do not experience functional limitations (e.g., in your eyes).


Forehead lifts and brow lifts in Zug

Are you troubled by deep forehead wrinkles or drooping eyebrows? I would be happy to sit down with you to discuss the available medical treatment options and how they can help you look naturally refreshed. My medical practice specializes not only in surgical procedures like forehead lifts, but also in modern, comparatively conservative options like Botox® or thread lifts. To find out more about forehead and brow lifts, schedule your individual appointment by calling the office at +41 41 729 50 29 or emailing. I look forward to assisting you.