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Katja Kassem-Trautmann

My highly developed sense of aesthetic harmony and my unusually broad range of surgical experience and training strengthen my work as a plastic surgeon, especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures. I value honesty in consultation, and I believe that perfection means something different for each body, which is why I emphasize individually tailored results using individually tailored approaches. I draw upon modern treatment concepts developed by internationally renowned colleagues while also creating and using new techniques of my own, working in close cooperation with clinics in Brussels, Beirut, Paris, Lyon, Miami, São Paulo and Munich.

About me

I have known ever since I was a small child that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. Growing up in a war zone meant that I encountered injuries and health care early on as well; the medical professionals working in my home country on behalf of Doctors Without Borders became my role models. By the age of four, I wanted to become a doctor when I grew up. At age six, having seen the many burn victims in my war-torn surroundings, I set a more concrete goal: I decided to become a plastic surgeon. It was around that same time that I began drawing people, focusing on their insides: I sketched organs and structures, discussing their shape and function with my grandfather, an Arab physician. My curiosity and thirst for knowledge grew and grew.

I began studying medicine at the University of Münster in 2002, earning my medical degree in 2008. One of the several medical residencies I completed in the years that followed took me to the University Hospital of Zurich, where I worked in emergency medicine, polytrauma, vascular surgery, and cardiac surgery; I also spent time in the pediatric cardiac surgery department at the University Children’s Hospital. Yet cosmetic and reconstructive surgery still held a special place in my heart, so I pursued specialty certification in that field, and became an FMH-certified Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in 2017.

I opened my own clinic in Zug in 2019. Since then, I have been offering my patients a broad spectrum of cosmetic and reconstructive treatments, including conventional surgical procedures, body contouring, liposuction, breast enlargement, and modern minimally invasive and non-surgical treatments such as thread lifts, fillers, Botox®, PRP therapy, autologous fat transplantation (lipofilling), and laser treatments. Since I share a group practice with a pair of dermatologists (Hautpraxis Zug), tumor surgery is another primary pillar of my medical work. Given the interdisciplinary nature of my field, collaboration with colleagues in other medical disciplines (e.g., visceral surgeons) serves as the basis for an enormous range of treatment options.

I completed all of my medical training in Germany and Switzerland, learning and working alongside renowned specialists like Prof. Dr. med. René Prêtre and Prof. Dr. Steffen Baumeister. Close cooperation with colleagues, mentors, and friends like Prof. Prêtre and Prof. Dr. Gottfried Lemperle remains extremely important to me—not only from the scientific and surgical standpoints, but on a personal level as well.

More about my career

  • My path to becoming a plastic surgeon

    After medical school, I started out in cardiac and vascular surgery, because I wanted to gain a more precise understanding of human blood vessels and methods of stopping bleeding; this also helped me master delicate surgical technique. My subsequent work in pediatric cardiac surgery taught me to operate with extreme precision, to respect highly sensitive tissue and handle it accordingly. After that, I worked in trauma surgery, completing a residency in emergency and polytrauma care. My personal goal was to treat injuries and complications while reconstructing patients‘ natural appearance. In 2017, I completed my (FMH) specialist certification as a Doctor of Aesthetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery. I then worked as a Senior Consultant in Plastic, Hand, and Aesthetic Surgery at Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital in Donaueschingen, a teaching hospital run by the University of Freiburg im Breisgau. Additional training and certification at the national and international levels followed, particularly in body contouring and lipomodeling using autologous fat; these remain an important component of my day-to-day work.

  • Medicine, aesthetics, and art

    Combining and integrating medicine, aesthetics, and art has always been essential to me and my work, which was why I took a semester of art (multimedia graduate studies) at the Enschede (NL) Academy of Art and Industry before enrolling in medical school at the University of Münster. While there, I spent five years as a graduate assistant to the Anatomy department, preparing slides and teaching classes. I also taught myself to do medical illustrations. Before drawing anything in detail, I insisted on viewing the organ or structure up close while observing an operation; this was an excellent opportunity to witness new surgical techniques first-hand and gain in-depth insight into the particularities of the human physique.

  • Continuing education is the key to excellence

    Learning never stops… especially for surgeons!

    I personally place great importance on lifelong learning, because I want to keep offering my patients state-of-the-art treatment at all times. This is also part of the reason that I regularly attend national and international conferences, often as a presenter. I have held visiting-physician posts in France and America, among other places, and I have published several books in cooperation with other medical specialists. I maintain regular contact with colleagues across the globe (in Beirut (Lebanon), Brazil, the UAE, France, and Miami (US), to name but a few).

  • Civic involvement and labors of love

    I have always enjoyed using my great passion for medicine in service to society. My years of charitable work in the Democratic Republic of Congo as an active member of INTERPLAST Germany e.V. have had an especially strong influence on me from both personal and professional standpoints. Through these endeavors, I have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience as comprehensive as it is unusual, especially in the field of scar treatment. Since 2006, I have also served as the founder and head of Liberi pacifer e.V., an aid organization for children in war and crisis zones.

  • Founded own plastic surgery clinic in Zug

    Group practice with Hautpraxis Zug/Dr. med. U. Hasse
  • Senior consultant and specialist in plastic, aesthetic, reconstructive, and hand surgery in hospitals throughout Germany and Switzerland

    e.g., Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital in Donaueschingen
  • Specialist certification

    Doctor of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery, Heidelberg Medical Association
  • active member of Interplast Germany e. V.

    Co-organized aid project in the Democratic Republic of Congo with Prof. Dr. Gottfried Lemperle, multiple trips to Goma, currently building a local hospital focusing on reconstructive surgery (concept: helping community members help themselves, incl. training local personnel), North Kivu, DRC
  • Medical residencies and various renowned hospitals in Germany and Switzerland

    e.g.: cardiac and vascular surgery, pediatric cardiac surgery, emergency medicine, traumatology (first service in emergency care, trauma room) as well as plastic, aesthetic and hand surgery; locations included University Hospital of Zurich, University Children’s Hospital, Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital in Donaueschingen/Villingen-Schwenningen
  • Awarded medical license, Münster Medical Association

  • Medical school, University of Münster

  • Art studies

    Multimedia graduate program at Enschede Academy of Art and Industry, Netherlands


  • Publications and scientific activities

    Best Paper Award, PRS Global (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), Auszeichnung: “Best International Collaboration - Gold Award des Jahres 2020: “Keloids: Which Types Can Be Excised without Risk of Recurrence? A New Clinical Classification”

    2nd Global Conference on Plastic Surgery and Therapy, Webinar; Fachvortrag: “Prevention of hyper- and hypo-trophic scars through surgical incisions in the direction of main folding lines of the skin”

    ISAPS 2021 World Congress Vienna, 50th anniversary International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Fachvortrag: “Widening and stopping excessive tearing of senile eyes by retrobulbar filler injections”

    XXI Frühjahrsakademie VDÄPC 2021, Berlin: Expert Talk in Session Face: “Senile eye widening and stopping tearing by retrobulbar filler injections“

    Article in the journal HAUT (dermatology/allergology/cosmetology): “Extreme Tumore der Haut und Verbrennungs-Kontrakturen im Kongo“ [Severe skin tumors and burn scar contractures in the Democratic Republic of Congo]

    7th Scar Symposium in Berlin: Innovative scar therapy in an interdisciplinary and interprofessional context; expert talk: “Plastische Chirurgie in der Demokratischen Republik Kongo – Interplast Einsätze“ [Plastic surgery in the Democratic Republic of Congo – Interplast projects]

    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Keloids – which types can be excised without risk of recurrence? A new clinical
    classification, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open (PRS)

    Book: A Practical Handbook on Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Therapy, Illustration,
    Springer Verlag

    Die Demokratische Republik Kongo - ein Entwicklungsland für plastische Chirurgie.
    [The Democratic Republic of Congo - a developing country for plastic surgery]
    G. Lemperle Frankfurt, K. Kassem Schwarzwald-Baar Klinikum Donaueschingen,
    C. Sachs Martin-Luther-Krankenhaus Berlin, C. Schroeder Universitätsspital Zürich,
    J. Schierle University of Groningen; DGH 2018, Ref. 559

    Neuauflage, Illustration für Kinderkardiologie und Intensivmedizin, in press
    [Reprint, illustrations for pediatric cardiology and intensive care medicine]

    Pädiatrische Intensivmedizin - Kinderkardiologische Praxis
    [Pediatric intensive care medicine]
    Deutscher Ärzteverlag, illustrator

    J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2012 Mar 14
    A new method to fenestrate the Fontan circulation
    Prêtre R, Dave H, Mueller C, Kassem K, Kretschmar O
    Division of Congenital Heart Surgery University Children‘s
    Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland

    Perkutane Thrombektomie AFC / PD Dr. Marc Husmann Leitender Arzt
    stv. Klinikdirektor Angiologie USZ, K. Kassem (illustrator)
    [percutaneous thrombectomy]

    Modified B-T shunt: A not-so-simple palliative operation Dirks V¹, Kassem K¹,
    Valsangiacomo E², Knirsch W², Doell C³, Mueller C¹, Prêtre R¹, Dave H¹
    Departments of Cardiovascular Surgery ¹, Cardiology ², Intensive Care ³,
    University Children‘s Hospital Zurich, Switzerland Eur J Cardiothorac Surg.

    Ann Thorac Surg, Ascending aortic auto transplantation to achieve native tissue
    connection in the descending aorta in the setting of recoarctation after insertion
    Gortex tube graft, L. Ben Mime, K.Kassem, N.Sreeram, G.Bennink

    Aesculap® Valve XS, OP Manual for Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair, Aesculap
    Surgical Technologies, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, University of Zurich, medical illustrator

    Illustration Springerverlag 2011: Gefäßchirurgie
    Minimal-invasiver Zugang für EVAR chirurgisch oder rein interventionell?
    Minimally invasive access for endovascular aortic aneurysm repair Surgical or purely

    D. Mayer, Z. Rancic, M. Wilhelm, F.J. Veith and M. Lachat
    Illustrator for: Atlas der Minimalinvasiven Chirurgie
    [Atlas for minimally invasive surgery]
    ESLEVIER GmbH Urban & Fischer Verlag

    seit 2007
    Illustrator for different book projects
    e.g. minimally invasive resection of the spleen, aortic surgery, congenital heart surgery,
    surgical closure/aortic prosthetic

    Research assistant, International Office, University of

    Research assistant, Institute of Anatomy and Molecular Neurobiology Münster

Civic involvement

  • Active membership in INTERPLAST Germany e.V.

    Aid project in Democratic Republic of Congo (multiple trips to Goma, North Kivu, among others) with Prof. Dr. Gottfried Lemperle, Dr. Carsten Schröder and Dr. Christoph Sachs
    Project leadership, organization and operation,
    Plastic, reconstructive and hand surgery

  • Omentum project (humanitarian aid)

  • Founder and chairperson of Liberi pacifer e. V.

    a nonprofit association helping children in war and crisis zones,
    University Hospital of Münster

International work

Humanitarian missions to Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

Since 2015, I have been traveling to crisis regions regularly to help provide medical assistance. At present, we are organizing and coordinating construction of a local hospital specializing in reconstructive surgery in North Kivu, DR Congo, and arranging for training of local medical personnel. For more information and updates, visit the GOMA HOSPITAL website.

Continuing education and conferences

  • Fortbildungen, Vorträge und Kongresse

    51. Jahrestagung der DGPRÄC, 25. Jahrestagung der VDÄPC, Potsdam

    7. Narbensymposium – Innovative Narbentherapie Berlin, Vortragende

    INTERPLAST, Jahreshauptversammlung, Vortragende

    World Congress of Plastic Surgeons of Lebanese Descent, Beirut

    Jahrestagung der DGPRÄC, Hamburg

    Operationskurs, Fat Grafting, Arthrex, München

    IMCAS, World Congress 2019, Paris

    Operationskurs, Lipofilling, Key Biscane, Florida

    ISAPS Global Congress, 24th Congress of ISAPS, Miami, Florida

    GCA-Operationskurs, Nordirland

    49. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft der Plastischen, Rekonstruktiven und Ästhetischen Chirurgen (DGPRÄC), Bochum

    International Aesthetics and Art Syposium, ISAPS, Facial Plastic Surgery Masterclass, Zürich

    XVIII. Frühjahrsakademie VDÄPC, Ambition und Realität in der Ästhetischen, Dresden

    FAT-Grafting Kurs, Dr. Delay, Lyon

    Hospitation, Lipomodellage, Dr. Delay, Lyon

    10th Symposium Advances in Breast Plastic Surgery, Lyon, Frankreich

    2nd International Plastic Surgery Summer School Marbella, Schwerpunkt Ästhetik, Spanien

    XVII. Frühjahrsakademie der Vereinigung der Deutschen Ästhetisch-Plastischen Chirurgen (VDÄPC): OP-Kurs (Brustchirurgie, Facelift, Intimchirurgie und Haartransplantation), Berlin

    14. Plastische Assistentenwoche, Maria Alm, Österreich

    Workshop, Lippen spezial, Filler Gesicht, Experten und Fortgeschrittene, Baden-Baden

    Prof. Heden Masterclass Hyaluron-Filler Gesicht, Frankfurt a. M.

    Prüfung zur Laserschutzbeauftragten, „Laserschutzkurs für Mediziner“, Dr. Hans-Jochen Foth, Fachbereich Physik an der TU Kaiserslautern

    Anwendertreffen „Laser in der ästhetischen Medizin“
    Einheit für Ästhetische Dermatologie und Laser der Universitäts-Hautklinik Tübingen

    Expertentreffen „Laser in der ästhetischen Medizin“, Baden-Baden

    47. Jahrestagung der DGPRÄC, Workshop „Botox, Laser, Filler“, Kassel

    Smartaging Swiss Academy, Education in skin laser treatments, Expertentreffen und Laserworkshop, Kilchberg/Zürich

    Jahrestagung der DGPRÄC Berlin, Fallvorstellung und Poster-Präsentation (Schwarzwald-Baar Klinikum), Workshop Gesicht Verjüngung Botox und Filler Intensivkurs

    45. Jahrestagung der DGPRÄC, München

    Laserfortbildung, Gefäßbehandlung und Epilation, Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH, Jena

    Jahrestagung DGPRÄC & VDÄPC, Münster

    ATLS® - Advanced Trauma Life Support, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Unfallchirurgie, Hannover

    Fortbildungsseminar DGPRÄC, Verbrennungsmedizin, Chirurgische Therapie und Intensivmedizin, Berlin

    Weiterbildungstagung, Forum Junger Chirurgen SCG, Luzern

    6th World Congress on Pediatric Burns, European Club for Pediatric Burns; Session III, Vortragende, Zürich

    Workshop Verbrennung und Hautersatzverfahren, Zentrum für Schwerbrandverletzte mit Plastischer Chirurgie, Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin

    Wetlab Training – Aortic Valve Replacement, Wetlab Training – Heart and Vascular Surgery, Zürich

    Workshop on Management of Aortic Rupture, European Society for Vascular Surgery, Zürich

    Mikrochirurgie Kurs, Neurochirurgische Klinik, Universitätsspital Zürich

    Symposium – Interplast Germany e. V., Vortragende, Bad Kreuznach





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