Empfang der Praxis Katja Kassem-Trautmann

Plastic surgery in Zug

Beauty is an abstract concept that means something different to each of us. What we consider beautiful or attractive is affected by subjective impressions and cultural influences alike. And beauty is far from static; it can change over time. So the goal of cosmetic surgery is not to force a single generalized standard of beauty on everyone, but to help each person achieve an aesthetically harmonious appearance that allows them to feel good in and about their own bodies. As a plastic surgery expert in Zug, I put my keen sense of aesthetics and my surgical skill to work in service to my patients. Cosmetic surgery offers a range of surgical, minimally invasive, and non-surgical options for bringing disagreeable changes or flaws in line with the patient’s individual wishes.

Honest consultation

In order to help us work out the ideal treatment concept for you, we start with a comprehensive consultation. I strive to reconcile your wishes and goals with the available medical options on the basis of a detailed examination and analysis. This, of course, includes giving you a thorough explanation of the intended procedure. Providing honest, straightforward consultation is important to me, because my aim is for you to come away with a full understanding of the procedure and realistic expectations regarding the potential results. The consultation covers the cosmetic procedure itself, the necessary pre- and post-operative care, and any potential risks involved. It also provides you with an opportunity to raise your questions and concerns with me directly.

  • Doctor-patient trust

    A good doctor-patient relationship is essential to ensuring healthy, harmonious, and satisfying results. When searching for the right plastic surgeon in Switzerland, make sure to check each doctor’s specialist certifications as well as their level of experience, but your “gut feeling” about them is no less important—make sure to find someone you trust. As a reputable FMH-certified Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery, I want you to feel that you are in safe, trustworthy, expert hands, which is why I always hold consultation sessions in a calm, quiet setting. I make plenty of time for each of my patients, because we can only develop a precise treatment plan once you are fully aware of your options, understand the risks involved, and have gotten answers to all of your questions. If you come away still feeling uncertain, a second consultation appointment is no problem. I am also happy to provide a second opinion.

  • Modern methods, modern equipment

    Cosmetic surgery methods have progressed immensely over the years; nowadays, numerous non-surgical options are available alongside or in place of traditional operations. I keep my plastic surgery expertise up to date through regular professional training and by participating in national and international conferences. Through regular hands-on training in the form of medical exchanges and collaborative operations with internationally renowned colleagues, I am able to continue offering my patients effective therapies that are as gentle as possible. My memberships in prestigious national and international medical societies reflect my dedication to continuing professional education and specialization in plastic surgery.

    Treatment methods are not the only aspect of plastic surgery undergoing continuous development—this is equally true of the equipment and materials available. Keeping my equipment modern and in excellent condition is an essential part of providing safe, effective treatment. Thanks to cooperative agreements with colleagues in my building who specialize in other fields, I have access to special equipment for my procedures (e.g., lasers).

  • Avoiding unnecessary risks

    Preventing avoidable risks by planning precisely and choosing less-invasive surgical options is another core component of the medical philosophy I practice at my clinic in Zug. As an expert in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, I only use safe, approved methods and materials. Treatment options that minimize the risk of scarring are among the core competencies of my medical practice in Zug.


What sets me apart

My clinic in Zug

My plastic surgery clinic is centrally located in Zug, between Zurich and Lucerne, so it is easily reachable for patients throughout Switzerland.

Our range of therapeutic options includes both traditional cosmetic surgery (e.g., breast enlargement, liposuction, face lifts) and modern minimally invasive treatment methods like radiofrequency microneedling, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and thread lifts.

Partnerships with dermatologists and ophthamologists allow my clinic in Zug to offer specialized eyelid lifts and skin treatments (e.g., (acne) scar treatment, spider vein removal, tattoo removal)—even more ways to ensure optimum results.

I also offer consultations and treatment in Rotkreuz and Horgen.

What my patients say

I always strive to establish an extremely trusting relationship with my patients. After treatment, many of my patients are only too happy to share their experiences with my clinic on my website, among other places.