Facial procedures and wrinkle treatment

Age-related changes are frequently visible in the face first. Wrinkles, sunken areas, and volume loss can make a face look tired or stressed—regardless of how youthful and vibrant the person actually feels. Surgical procedures like face lifts and non-surgical methods like chemical peels and injections are just a few of the available ways to make the face in the mirror reflect the person inside again.

Metabolism, hormones, and nutrition all significantly influence skin quality and the overall aging process, which is why I also offer interdisciplinary analysis and therapy if needed. My goal is to provide treatment that combines health and beauty.

Facial plastic surgery

Surgical options for cosmetic facial treatment


Minimally invasive anti-aging treatments at a glance

Individual concept

  • Each part of the face has its own features and characteristics, and thus each poses its own challenges for anti-aging treatment. Different types of tissue (skin, bones, muscles, tendons, fat) each undergo their own aging process, and that process is different from person to person—which is why a precise analysis of the anatomy, structure, and dynamics of your face is essential to successful therapy. When doing this, I divide the face into different areas and identify the right procedures for each in order to create harmonious, naturally rejuvenated results.

  • The ideal options in each case may be surgical or minimally invasive, depending on your current situation and the results you desire. Individual methods can also be combined in some cases to give each patient a tailor-made therapeutic concept.

  • The goal of these procedures is not to leave you completely unrecognizable—preserving your natural beauty while rejuvenating your appearance is very important to me. A prominent nose can be an attractive feature on a man; crinkles at the corners of your eyes (“crow’s feet”) can lend them even more expressivity. Dimples in your cheeks make your smile even brighter, and frown lines on the forehead signal empathy. For all of these reasons, my focus is on authenticity and natural movement.



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