Faltenbehandlung mit Fillern in Zug

Wrinkle fillers in Zug

Skin and connective tissue lose firmness as part of the natural aging process, causing individual areas to slacken and droop—and creating wrinkles as well. Filler injections are a gentle, non-surgical method of wrinkle treatment. Several different filler materials are used in cosmetic medicine, including hyaluronic acid and autologous fat (fat cells taken from the patient’s own body). At my clinic in Zug, I use absorbable fillers that the body can naturally break down over time; this essentially eliminates the risk of allergic reactions or tissue changes. The goal of anti-aging treatment is to leave you looking refreshed and rejuvenated, but in a natural, balanced way. As a reputable cosmetic surgeon, it is very important to me that your results fit your face without looking artificial. The wrinkle treatment methods I offer are all modern and low-risk.


Wrinkle filling in Zug at a glance

  • Procedure

    Minimally invasive, outpatient

  • Duration

    Approx. 10 to 30 minutes (depending on the size of the treated area)

  • Anesthesia

    None; numbing cream if desired

  • Rest and recovery

    Not necessary

  • Return to work


  • Follow-up care

    Cool treated area if needed

  • Risks

    Mild swelling, redness, bruising


Individual consultation and planning

Not all wrinkles are created alike, and not every age-related change is undesirable—a few wrinkles can add character to our faces—but some patients are bothered by specific wrinkles or sunken areas, and hyaluronic acid can help. As part of your personal consultation session, I will examine the skin on your face closely and determine the best course of treatment.

Fillers like hyaluronic acid are most suitable for plumping up deep wrinkles from the inside; they can also be used to contour specific areas and bring them out. During our consultation, I will explain the available options to you, including the individual steps of the procedure and any potential risks; you can also take this opportunity to ask any treatment-related questions you may have.


The wrinkle filling process

Before starting the actual procedure, I will mark the injection sites on your skin. I use an extremely fine needle to inject the material, so treatment is largely painless even without additional anesthetic; when treating more sensitive areas such as the lips, I can apply a special numbing cream first if needed. To fill wrinkles, I inject several small deposits of hyaluronic acid directly under the skin. Hyaluronic acid works as a filler material because it is capable of binding a great deal of water, which essentially pushes the uneven areas outward and smooths them. It also helps hydrate the skin and improves its texture, making you look younger and more refreshed. Most of the time, the entire procedure takes no longer than 30 minutes.

  • What happens after treatment?

    Patients can usually leave the clinic immediately after undergoing their wrinkle treatment. Minor irritation and symptoms such as swelling or redness are possible, but not a cause for concern; they should subside within a few hours. Even so, try to avoid scheduling any important appointments for that same day, since minor traces of the procedure may still be visible immediately afterward.

    The effects of the hyaluronic acid will develop over the next several days, making your face look younger and naturally refreshed. Since hyaluronic acid is absorbable, however, your body will gradually break it down over time, so the effects of the treatment will fade after around six to twelve months. How long these effects last depends on a number of factors, including the exact composition of the hyaluronic acid and how the individual patient’s body reacts to it. Once the wrinkles become visible again, the patient can return for another course of treatment to refresh the effect.

  • Risks and complications

    Wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid is a non-surgical procedure, so the general risks of surgery do not apply; as such, professional wrinkle treatment is extremely low-risk when administered by an experienced expert. Mild swelling, redness, or bruising are the most common side effects; occasionally, patients report itching near the injection site. Inflammation occurs only in rare individual cases.

More info

Additional information on minimally invasive wrinkle fillers

I would be happy to give you a more detailed explanation of hyaluronic acid wrinkle filling at a personal consultation session. It can be used to smooth undesirable wrinkles, contour specific areas, add volume (e.g., to the cheeks) or shape the lips, depending on the specific indication. Call or email to arrange your non-binding consultation appointment at my clinic in Zug.